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With his straight talking, inspiring and entertaining style, James shares real life experiences and stories that inspire change. Drawing on his vast experience in demanding roles, he will challenge your way of thinking, how you view yourself and your aspirations, to help you and your teams elevate performance, productivity and wellbeing .

What Other Say...

Sam Dossa Event Organiser

"James recently delivered a speech at the Influential Business Community. He is an amazing person with an attitude to help uplift others and to transform their personal or business journey.
I highly recommend him".

Sally Brady Event Attendee

"I was totally engaged from the time James started to speak. The biggest thing though, was my 18 year old daughter who was was writing down the formula to change your results/happiness/life. It was a great lesson and to see her digest the information was amazing. So thank James for being an inspiration!"

Elliott Kaye Entrepreneur and Event Organiser

“James is a powerful speaker, when he stands on stage you are struck by how much he cares about other people, the audience and is determined to serve them. His story is gripping and his unique formula to have a better life is well worth the time and money. Highly recommend”

    Speaking Topics

    The Leaders Edge

    The mindset and habits required to develop high performing leaders and teams

    The Power of Significance

    What if you could focus on one area of the culture of your organisation that will impact and enhance almost every department of your business and mission. In this presentation, James shares why focusing on significance rather than success will help you do just that.

    Transforming Aspirations Into Achievements

    An eye opening insight into why we get the results we do and how you and your teams can turn your aspirations into tangible results.

    Your audiences will get a greater understanding of the drivers of performance and change as well as take away actionable content they can use immediately improve performance, productivity and results.

    About James

    James is an Author, performance specialist and previously one of the world’s leading brokers in global oil transportation, who has worked with many of the world’s most successful companies in the oil and shipping industries.

    He understands the leadership and mindset needed to set challenging goals and build effective, higher performing teams who are able to face the obstacles and challenges as well as the resilience needed to make them happen. 

    His philosophy is simple; focus on getting the right people and the rest will follow.

    James understands what it takes, and shares insights, stories and his own personal experiences from a long corporate career in international business, the mistakes, failures and several events that culminated in what he calls the ‘Perfect Storm’ that would test him and his resilience to the limit .

    His passion to understand what drives those on to succeed started with his love of sports and his quest led him to research, study and partner with some of the leaders in leadership and performance psychology to understand how we can transform our thinking, emotions and ultimately our behaviours. He has lived what he talks about in every sense.

    James has spoken in the US and across the UK and his keynotes and presentations not only leave audiences energised and inspired but will challenge their thinking.

    He has worked with CEO’s , executives, elite golfers as well as an international film editor and voice over artist to create change, enhance performance and productivity.

    James has written for several publications on performance psychology and  wellbeing including Australia’s most read golf magazine Inside Golf.

    James' Unique Expertise


    James’ presentations and masterclasses on performance psychology, performing under pressure and leadership are a blend of real world experience and years of study.


    An experienced professional with decades of experience, James is a thinking partner for managers and leaders who aspire to improve performance, productivity and results for themselves as well as their teams.


    James delivers strategic workshops, masterminds and coaching for executives, management and teams to elevate leadership skills and performance.

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