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“On behalf of our entire team at ADORE, we would like to express our gratitude towards you for the talk on ‘Modern Leadership and Developing a Mindset for Success’ 

Your webinar wasn’t just informative but also kept everyone enthralled in their seats. The size of participation during your talk was a testimony to how thrilled everyone was to listen to you speak”.


Talk Topics

'The Edge.... Elevating Performance and Impact'

In today’s ever-changing world, being able to navigate difficult and challenging environments and the pressures involved are essential.  In this engaging talk I share insights about what gives elite performers the edge.

I demistify a complex subject and share the framework that can make all the difference, so they are better equipped to adapt, lead and succeed.

Along with personal experiences of the challenges, I’ll share stories, some humour, so your audience will leave inspired to not just think differently, but have the strategies and roadmap to develop ‘the edge’.

Who is this talk for?

●  Leaders and teams who want to enhance their effectiveness and magnify their impact.

●  Companies and organisations who are committed to standing out by having more meaningful businesses and nurturing a healthy people culture.

●  Leaders and teams who are looking to move from mediocrity to excellence.

What will the audience takeaway?

●  Greater understanding of what gives elite performers the edge and a practical framework to increase their impact and results

●  Increased self-awareness, confidence and optimism 

●  Greater emotional and mental control

Follow-up activities:

Customised workshop for your leaders and teams

1/1 Coaching

Group mastermind for leaders and teams

I was totally engaged from the time James started to speak. The biggest thing though was not about me, it was my 18 year old daughter, she was totally engaged and was writing down the formula to change your results/happiness/life. What she took away that night was a great lesson and to see her digest the information was amazing., so thank James for being an inspiration!”

Sally Brady – Entrepreneur and Event Attendee

Charting the Future....Navigating Uncertainty & Turn Aspirations into Achievements

Setting and going after bigger goals and making them happen depends on people. Developing the right mindset and leadership, is what makes the difference in bringing their potential to reality.

In this talk I share insights and the science behind the strategies to overcome the obstacles and challenges which are inevitable as well as how to overcome those inner limitations and beliefs.

A mix of real and relatable stories that will inspire and engage your audience, they will leave with a sense of increased optimism and confidence that means they willl be better prepared to make things happen.

Who is this talk for?

●  Leaders and teams who are either struggling to maintain or improve their results and want to not just improve performance but instill greater belief in themselves.

●  Companies who are looking to enhance performance and are committed to helping their people develop the tools and strategies to succeed

 ●  Leaders and teams who want to challenge the status quo and negative mindsets that hamper their chances of success.

What will the audience takeaway?

●  Inspired to challenge the status quo and a framework to succeed.

●  Increased self-belief and a more positive outlook

●  The tools and strategies to adapt, achieve and succeed


Follow-up activity

Customised workshop for your leaders and teams

1/1 Coaching

Group mastermind for leaders and teams

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These are two of James’s talks. His talks and work is focused on performance, human behaviour, self-leadership and mindset.

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