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Are You Ready To Excel As A Leader In Your Field?

Performance Coaching & Mentoring

As a performance coach and mentor, my aim is to help aspiring leaders and high performers to elevate their thinking and performance to new levels. 

With three decades of experience in demanding, high pressure environments, I understand the demands and intricacies of career and business growth.

I’m dedicated to helping you create a vision for you and your business or career, to develop your executive presence, so you can become a confident leader who excels in every aspect. I’ll help you develop the tools and strategies to transform how you think and feel, and how you  perform, even under pressure.

What Other's Have Said....

“This has been nothing short of eye opening, literally. Having struggled with anxiety for years and with no clear view of why or where it was coming from, I’d been desperately in search of answers. Chronic stress and anxiety profoundly impacted my quality of life at work, with my kids, marriage and day-to-day living. 

It helped me quickly pin down my priorities and brought awareness to the issues I was facing. With awareness, I could seek solutions. You can’t solve what you can’t see… however in a few short months I’m much calmer, clearer and more in control of my mind, rather than being perpetually at its mercy. 

I would recommend James to anyone seeking the same.”

C.O.O. European

“I had lost focus in all areas of my life…..I was trying to do too much with the result that I was achieving nothing at all. 

For years, my default state of mind had been negative; I allowed things to get on top of me and was generally quite unhappy, both in my work and personal life. 

I had reached a really low point; I knew I wanted to get my life sorted out but just didn’t know where or how to start. James provided me with the tools I needed to both think through and prioritise what I wanted to achieve in my work and personal life as well as introducing me to ideas and techniques that have proved invaluable in managing my mind. I have also achieved a number of goals that I had been procrastinating over for years and am well on my way to changing my career to something I have always wanted to do”.

Belinda K – Media Exec.

“I have had the honor of working with James for the last 4 years after I had been recommended his coaching services.  He has had a profound positive effect on my personal and business life in that time. 

Such was the level of his direct contribution to my Health, Wellness, Focus and Productivity I brought him onboard my Start Up team to coach us in his success philosophies on a weekly basis.

James is a no bull@&*” guy who draws answers and delivers executable information in a simple manner everyone can understand from the CEO to the office junior”.

Ben C.



Coming January 2024


Are you ready to transcend from merely managing to truly leading? 

Our forthcoming programme is designed for leaders, aspiring leaders, and high performers who are committed to cultivating their leadership prowess. 

Leadership isn’t just about tasks; it’s about transformation. This programme is made for individuals who want to forge an authentic path of leadership in their field with others who value being part of a select group looking to develop. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an emerging talent, this is your chance to refine your skills, amplify your influence, and become the leader you aspire to be.

Uncover the principles, strategies, and mindset that gives leaders the edge and distinguish them from ordinary.

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